Extra-thick cotton ironing board cover-zebra printing

Material: 2 layers. Surface is 100% cotton fabric 160 gsm. Lining is 8mm needle punched synthetic fiber pad

Size: Fits extra-wide ironing boards up to 18X49 Inches/125X45 cm.

Style: Tailored nose pocket, easy to install and well locked by the pocket and elastic borders.

Premium elastic around the boarders: Elastic Made to Hold and Endure the Cover Under the Board Without Drawstring.

We can custom made ironing board cover as many layers as customer’s request with total thickness up to 12mm, while the most regular thickness range from 2mm to 8mm. Ironing board covers are often sell as a kit with laundry bags, mesh ironing protector, elastic clips etc.

Min Order Quantity:  500 pcs

Production time: 30 days

Customizable: Yes

Rosemay Asia Limited custom made household textiles according to customer’s requirement on material, size, packing way and brand name. Customers can also choose our printings and label with their own brand names.

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